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Humanity can always improve. Let's do it together!

Design x Philanthropy

The Problem

Where do we begin? Homelessness, racial inequity, education failure in marginalized communities, food insecurities, are a few of the prominent problems that are in our own communities and cities.

Why should you care?

We've all watched the news, listen to a podcast, read an article or heard from a friend about the terrible circumstances that are taking place often in our own neighborhoods, cities and towns.

And it often feels overwhelming to thinking about the solution, let alone how you can help... Often stating, "what can I do?" or "I don't even know where to begin, or who to give to..."

But that doesn't change what you're hearing or seeing...

Make an impact... it's easy

Associated Humanity takes something as simple as clothing and allows you to make a difference.
We all shop online for clothing! Why not shop online and know you're giving to a specific local non profit that is making an impact...

You do not have to feel overwhelmed and helpless. Instead you can grab a well designed piece of clothing while supporting a cause you care about!

When you buy, portions of proceeds go directly to a non profit organization and their project. Best of all the designs of most of our drops are from a different designer giving you unique options.

About the Founder

Formally a University and Hospital chaplain, Makenzy left the industry during the COVID-19 pandemic to pursue his entrepreneurial passion and love for people, and decided to find meaning in the private sector. Since then, he has delved into the world of design and collaboration to create Associated Humanity. He believes that money should be used as a tool to better humanity and that one can look good doing so. He believes in doing this through partnering with different non-profits organizations that are actively making a difference in their communities through projects and research. "Let's change the way we view the use of revenue."

Charles Taylor, James K A Smith and Simon Sinek are just a few people who have influenced his view of humanity. One of Makenzy's greatest strengths is curated collaborations. Associated Humanity seeks to collaborate with different designers, influencers and non-profits to raise money and raise awareness to the struggling social areas in our society.

Our Philosophy

"..the dark side of individualism is a centering on the self, which both flattens and narrows our lives, makes them poorer in meaning, and less concerned with others or society."
― Charles Taylor, Ethics of Authenticity

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